Empathy's Purpose

Empathy helps you understand another so you can better understand yourself as One. It is a valuable tool in the awakening process because it takes you outside yourself by stoking the fire stronger inside you. To empathize with another is to answer your soul’s yearning to know itself, the very pull of the remembering process. It starts very strongly at first, and once recognized and used for the purposes of evolvement, it becomes more subtle as the messages become more clear. Just like all other promptings of spirit, it sometimes has to get loud to be heard!

So once you are tuned into it, it is a rich radio frequency of information. To begin with, it helps you clear your own resistances, your own pain, your own obstacles. Like radar, it identifies pain to help you clear your own. Often we are called to help another clear theirs, and together it is done. The healer heals thyself, often beginning in this way. We can feel another’s pain, it triggers the knowing of it within us, and arises for the purposes of healing. This becomes the process of assisting to lift the heaviness from ourselves, each other and the planet…the lifetime mission of the Lightworker. But the intensity of the feelings of empathy can be overwhelming and often become obstacles themselves in the aspirant’s path. As if carrying our own pain isn’t enough, we carry it for all of our loved ones, our community, our world and meanwhile, and the entire lineage of human kind! That is why we are each individual souls of the collective…we can each carry a piece of the puzzle. But we do so knowing that it all fits into a larger whole. The hologram of the whole. A drop in the ocean. 

Being sensitive is a great gift; it is important not to let it sink you. How ironic it is that you should be given a light so magnificent to become aware of the divinity that is you, and with the gifts given to you to open yourself to remembering it, you hide under the basket again?! You can handle this. The key to utilizing this ability without burning yourself out with it is to first, and always, use this ability from the perspective of your true or higher self, rather than from your lower, human self. The greater you is divine and always remembers the greater plan, the small, personality, ego you is fighting for your life. Your higher self is eternal, your lower self is temporal. One matters far more than the other, but try telling your feisty, survivalist, self-centered, pain-bearing lower self that! This is why empathy is a challenging trap for the beginner…it intensifies the personal pain before getting to another’s pain, before further illuminating the collective pain…all which is enough to make us run the other way. And all of this is happening simultaneous to our learning to identify with our higher selves and our greater purpose, which is to bring our light to the world. We go running into the sunlight so happy to have found it and realize there are more painful obstacles in the road. They are not obstacles if we remember that we are the light and we are there to help clear them, thereby inspiring more light. It is important not to stumble on the obstacles and be defeated. It is important not to become overwhelmed by other people’s obstacles, but to begin to see them as the beautiful opportunities for them to come to know the light themselves. It turns pain into process, and from the quagmire, beautiful flowers are born. 

Another way to say this is to turn the body’s feelings of empathy into the higher perspective of compassion. Compassion understands the greater purpose of our journey of awakening, each coming to the same outcome through uniquely personal, magnificently-designed, excruciatingly real human experiences of separation so we can remember our divinity. God experiencing itself through us as we remember that we are God. In His likeness. We can do as much as Him and more. It all circles back. What a plan!

This human experience is not an easy one…it is fraught with all forms of distortion and miscreations and unsightly  obstacles by nature of its design…so physical, so dense, so limited. As Earth Angels with a very special assignment, it is only made easier from the perspective of compassion for ourselves and others as we light our way home together.

In deep compassion for all that you are and all that you carry with you on your journey, we are Your Loving Council of Light Within


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