Being the Calm in the Storm

Out of the chaos the new is born. Patience! You know that the most powerful stance is always to remain centered in your own peace and strength during radical times of change. Be the centre of the vortex while all about you rearranges itself into a new structure, a new way of being. From your position of strength you will arise again, gently to adjust to the new. A bit like entering a cave and emerging after the storm is over! Spring will come again.

These times of transition are what you have been preparing for your whole life. If you are drawn to participate the change, do so with great conscious awareness which means that you have already stewarded it within you before advocating for it in the outside world. Inside out first, as always. Having re-cultivated from the inside, you will bring your threads of new consciousness to the whole. If not, you are only contributing to the outer chaos – the antithesis of what you intend. Go within and know that what you desire burns with change inside. If you are tired, rest! Most need deep, transformative rest before they can even begin to invest in inner transformation. Let it stew.  Let it brew. Let it steep before you reap! Patience.

Focus intently on what you want like a laser beam of manifestation. Unwavering. Stalwart. Fully focusing on the delicious outcome and experiencing the bliss of its expression, basking in the grateful delight of its presence.  Be at peace no matter what spins around you at any time, for you are okay. You are always okay. Do not get caught in the attributes of the chaos or you contribute to it. Focus on what you want. Judgement will distract you and do the opposite of what you intend. It keeps you trapped in illusion. Go deeper and hold true like the roots of a great oak no matter what is taking place on the surface. The roots feed the truth and the strength and the purpose of the tree. Once you are anchored here without doubt and distraction, you are contributing to the creation of the new by holding space for it. If you are drawn to resolution in the outside world, carry forth with grace from this place and return again to rejuvenate.  Strengthen your resolve before going out again. Do not be afraid of your own need to regroup, heal and recalibrate over and over again. And over and over again and again! This is the strength of the world and what most are not aware that is required, so understand its importance. The unconscious treadmill keeps you weak and vulnerable. Strengthen to rebuild from within so that the outer can reorganize itself stronger.

Notice that fear cannot be fostered in this place. There is nowhere it can be sustained, for it is a result of the outer chaos and is not sustained in this deep inner quietude. It helps you desire to return to the cave, but is not welcome inside! Fear is controlling the chaos in the outside world and it is your own deep inner well of love that forms the antidote to it. Know thyself in this place with such intimacy that anything else is foreign, for this is the truth of who you are. Reside in it. 

The miraculous is natural. Expect it to show up, for that is the power of love. Just when you thought that all was lost in throes of despair, miracles happen. Know this to be true, for this is what comes from that deep inner knowingness, that infinite love presence of you. After all, isn’t that what you are focusing on?

As always, you are adored and supported for all that you are. We are your greatest fans.

The Council of Light Within



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