Simple is Best

We are never too far from you, so know that you are never alone. You are supported and appreciated and encouraged far more than you can be aware, but this relationship is vital to living an expanded life. It is part of the essential nature of expanded consciousness and these intimate nonphysical relationships are key in adapting to the new 5D world. So listen. Go within. Create relationships with those who are your support team, your advisors, your confidants, your soul guidance family. Ask to get to know them one at a time and understand their purpose and identities so that you can ask for help, connect with their wisdom and utilize their guidance and inspiration to bring light to the world as you are uniquely able to do. There is much to be done in the chain of support and inspiration as they do for you and you do for others and they do for others and on. Keep the waters flowing!

As you are well aware, these are times of unprecedented change through the receipt of higher frequencies of light and influence far greater than you can know. While continuing to develop your deep inner relationships, you are also sorting – in your external experience – that which supports a higher way of being and that which does not. High principles and actions are important as well as decisions that continue to encourage enlightened life. As you express it, so shall it be possible for others. Continue to commune with nature, for it is evolving with you and provides sustenance in those unspoken ways. Discern what you expose yourself to through the commercial and media world. Simple is best and basic needs are only what is important. Declutter what no longer serves for everything about you occupies an energy and keeps you “busy”…simplify that stimulation. Nothing is as important as your private time spent within. Simple, clean foods uplift and nourish the body, mind and spirit. Trusting in the higher evolutionary power reinforces your freedom, also essential to your true nature. Allow yourself to be prompted and inspired in new ways…nothing is permanent except change.

What really irks you? When someone throws litter on the street? Then go pick it up. Clean up your own garbage inside and out. When people don’t have the courage to speak the truth? Then look carefully at how you are betraying yourself and chose to honour yourself by speaking true words. Government regulations are misinformed or interfere with people’s freedom? Then publish or advocate or vote or speak in favour of what is correct. Consider your own personal antidotes to what does not sit well in your heart and live that way. Correct all that is not working or not flowing or not sitting well with you by choosing otherwise, and do what you can to represent this to others who are in their own pain from discord. Change what you can change as it gets your heart’s attention and do not become overwhelmed with what you cannot -- at least for today!

Living with a grateful heart will keep you humble. Living with kindness for yourself will ensure kindness towards others. Living in innocent delight keeps you alive in wonder. Youthful vitality draws new adventures and expanded thinking. Simplicity allows room for clarity. You, and consequently the world, becomes more beautiful in this light. 

All is well.   

The Council of Light Within


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