A Matter of Perspective

There is a difference between worrying and what is arising in order to get your attention. Most often, you get the initial message and then your busy mind turns it into an epic when it was just meant to be a simple note requiring a simple response! Remembering that you do this is an important reminder to use your mind more productively. It is a powerful processor and sorter, and combined with the power your emotions, it is a brilliant energy producer that draws to you what you create. The caution is that it works for everything, not only what you consciously create! Brewing up dramas with your overactive, unconscious mind is messy. Knowing this helps you take charge of your creations and use your mind for beautiful creations. Above all, it is important to know how powerful you are as an individual connected consciously to All That Is…why not exercise that rather than a busy worry brain that freaks out, ages and causes disharmony in your body? One is expansive and life-giving and the other decays and dies. You are in the plane of free will, so you get to choose one or the other in every moment. One expands, the other contracts. It is a law of nature. And of course, nature provides all of the tools to choose anything you want, so that gets messy too. Mostly, what we create is an outcome of limited human experience based on fear and worry. What if you could manifest greater light? Clean up the miscreations of the world? Change, at a deep metaphysical level, errant ways and alter future creations that expand the field of possibility rather than distort, shrink or limit it? You are this powerful, that is true. Your knowing of it is the point. And so, by simple experiment, choose to turn an area of worry and concern into a creation of greater, higher, more beautiful, harmonious and extraordinary outcome. 

How do you know the difference between a prompt for your attention and a seed of your own worry? Objectivity. Neutralize it and stand back from it and observe it from a greater perspective. Making mountains out of mole hills happens because your nose is too close to the ground! If you see as God sees and know as God knows and love as God loves…then you are experiencing from the greatest perspective. You need to give yourself some space for this! Space gives you the ability to conceive a greater outcome than the one at the end of your nose. Space allows the potential of all matter of options to show up…and all of the magical solutions your little, worried, limited mind can’t possibly conceive since it only processes based on what it knows from the past. Not from the field of pure potential that is God’s playground. 

It’s a matter of perspective. Do you know yourself as an expression of the Divine with intimate understanding of God’s perspective, or have you forgotten and are freaking out trying to sort out the world while staring into the palm of your hand?

We are encouraging you to remember From Whence You Came! We are always there for you, even when you forget.

The Council of Light Within


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