Men’s Mastery Retreat

Lake Temagami, July 13-19, 2008

With Dean Noblett from HeartLight and Jecote Hill from Clearpath

The Freedom of Being

Come and experience the freedom of being on pristine Lake Temagami. This Men’s Mastery Retreat will give you the opportunity to take some time out of your busy and hectic lifestyle, to reconnect to your authentic self and discover what it means to be fully conscious and present to every aspect of your being.

If you have been feeling stressed out, under pressure and confused with many seemingly conflicting expectations put on you at work and at home, then it is time to give yourself permission to take some breathing space and understand the full expression of who you are.

This seven-day retreat will assist you to discover and let go of the unconscious limitations that have been passed on through previous generations. You will have the opportunity to free yourself of the old unhealthy ways of being that greatly affect your ability to be fully present in your life and with your loved ones.

We will spend the week at Clearpath Retreat on sacred High Rock Island in Lake Temagami (which means “deep waters”). Here one steps into an ambience of beauty, serenity and a place of peace that sits amongst the beautiful great white and red pine trees, surrounded by pristine waters.

Together we will participate in Native Ceremony, experience the cleansing of a sweat lodge and practice some powerful Shamanic traditions. Daily meditation and group discussions will also take place to support each individual on their own journey within a spiritual community.

Other activities which will be available to you during this week include canoeing, hiking and swimming, while we promote a deep connection to nature and the elements. There will also be time for deep inner reflection, with some well-deserved time for fun and laughter, allowing your true self to shine through!

Dates: Sunday July 13th to Saturday July 19th, 2008

Retreat Package: Six nights at Clearpath Retreat including accommodation, water transportation, all meals and snacks, programs and activities.

Cost: $795 for single occupancy cabin ~ $695 for double occupancy cabin (single beds)

Deposit: A deposit of $200 is required by Friday June 13th to secure your place.

This unique opportunity is open to a maximum of seven men only, so please contact Dean Noblett at HeartLight ~ 905-939-1071 or for further details.